Are you interested in investing?

The projects of Designa Properties are financed without any external capital which makes Designa Properties completely autonomous and financially very sound. This also means that Designa Properties has some projects which are ready to start but unfortunately have to wait until other projects are finished and sold. An other aspect is that Designa Properties gets great opportunities which are financially not possible at that specific moment.
Business opportunities
To be able to expand the business opportunities to the maximum Designa Properties has decided to work together with a small number of committed investors. Because Designa Properties develops relatively small real estate projects it is easy to find the right participation for each investor based on amount, duration, expected return of investment and so on.
Designa Properties believe the foundation for each investment is built on trust, potential and common sense from both sides. If you would like to know more about the possibillities of developing together with Designa Properties please contact us to make an appointment!