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Designa Properties is looking for interesting properties (plots, villas) to be able to keep developing and reforming great products in the future. There are some good reasons for real estate agencies to work closely together with Designa Properties to benefit from a successfull and long term partnership. The base for any long term relationship with Designa Properties is C A R E;

ALL commissions will directly go to the real estate agents responsible for the purchase of the property. New listings can be very interesting when commissions don't have to be divided. Besides that, this real estate agent will actively be involved in the sale after the (reformed) property has been completed.

Designa Properties is working in the direct area of Marbella without the need of external capital. This makes it possible to purchase interesting properties in 1 day.


Designa Properties is NO real estate agent. Any offered properties will only be looked at from a development point of view. Any given information about a property will be treated discreet and will never be given to third parties.


Designa Properties and partners have 15 years experience in property development inĀ Andalucia, so the reaction time to offered properties is very fast and in most cases no viewings are needed.

If you are interested in a partnership with Designa Properties please contact us now to make an appointment!

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